Comedian Jeff Allen talks about dedicated runners who are so serious that they’ll even buy jogging books. Laugh as he illustrates and questions why anyone would need a book about how to jog.
Experience extra security while shopping in the great state of Texas! No fear of terror here and no need to fret about any delayed police response.
Comedy juggling reached new heights during the performance Mark Davis gave to President Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C. During this performance you can see President and Mrs. Reagan laughing together with Republican and Democrat leaders at Ford Theater. This video is very funny so be sure to watch it and share it with those you know who need a good laugh.
If you’ve never seen a dog and cat compete against each other you have to see this video! The owner has trained both of them to do some amazing tricks. Do you know someone that has a cat or a dog? Share this video with them and see if they like the dog or cat the most. Click on the share link below and brighten someone’s day!
See a dog swim with a dolphin! This is an amazing video that details a very unusual event. It’s short, but very entertaining! Pass this along and give someone a smile today by clicking on a social link button below.
This juggler is amazing! Watch Alexander Koblikov and SMILE as he entertains you with his incredible talent and unique presentation! Share it with someone else and see them smile too.
The Mnozil Brass Ensemble is very unique and creative! This is your opportunity to hear one person play music on four brass instruments! Share this with Skype so you can watch your friend’s jaw drop.
This dog likes cabbage so much he is referred to as a cabbage dog! Watch him reach for it and see the hilarious outcome. He doesn’t give up until he gets it. This is so cute! Send a smile to someone today by clicking on the social sharing button! Your friends will thank you!
Watch this puppy tease a wild deer. It’s amazing to see how the two interact with each other. Brighten someone’s day and share this with the animal lovers you know by clicking on a social sharing link.
Ray Stevens is hilarious as he sings about the irony of open borders in the USA. Listen closely to the lyrics. It’s funny and to the point! If the United States has no borders it will go broke because of so many entitlement programs like social security, medicare, food stamps, etc. This is a song that you’ll want to forward to your congressman and every politician you can find.